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Run The Table


Below, you will find several personalized salary negotiations from which to choose.

These should represent your specific situation. 

Each option contains a checklist to help you navigate through your negotiation! 


Just want to learn more about Negotiation? Head to the  Negotiator Resources Page

Or my check out my Blog!  


  Remember the most important table in the world,

is the one YOU ARE sitting at.  

The Promotion


Pat yourself on the back!

You did it! You snagged that promotion!


You are highly valuable and your organization wants you. However, they also know more about you and what you were making previously.

So how do you best leverage yourself in a negotiation?

The On

The Fence 

To Stay or To Go? 

You've received a job offer for more money from another company but want to stay where you are. 

This is a tricky one my friend no doubt about it! 


Let's decide your best strategy 



You're Hired! 

You're starting a new job and want to negotiate your starting salary

Let's find your best advantage at the table. 



I'm Broke

Stop Buying Lottery Tickets! 

So you haven't had any changes to your position, you just want or need to make more money.


Hey, we have all been there! 


Let's get that money, honey!



Have a question, comment, or just want to say hey? Hit the coffee cup to email me! 

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