Before You Accept A Job Offer, Ask Yourself These 4 Questions!

By: Ashira Prossack | A Multi-generational workplace expert and ForbesWomen Contributing Writer.

It’s exciting to get a job offer, but sometimes that excitement can lead to rushed decision making. You don’t want to accept an offer before taking the time to fully think things through. Respond promptly to the hiring manager acknowledging the offer, but don’t feel pressured to give them an answer immediate. You can ask for 48 to 72 hours to take your time to evaluate the offer, and ensure you’re truly making the right decision.

To help you make this decision, there are four questions you can ask yourself.

Can I see myself in this role and at this company for at least two years?

A job is a long-term commitment, so being able to picture yourself doing it for a bare minimum of one year is an absolute must. Think beyond just the role you’re accepting and envision a career path with the company. You want to be sure that you see a future for yourse